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Become empowered to take action on your own healing journey through practical self-care practices to get unstuck!

Is this Master Class Right for You?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you depressed, anxious, or full of worries? Is your mind often racing?

Do you feel like you don’t have time for self-care?

Do you feel unworthy or undeserving of self-care?

Do you want to practice self-care, but don’t know what to do or how to get started?

Have you been through trauma and don’t know where to begin with healing, so you only use escape mechanisms?

Do you feel like you can’t sit still?

Do you feel like you can’t calm your mind?

Are you ready to commit to yourself but are looking for permission, help, and guidance?

If any of these things are true for you then…

Join me for a master class on how to truly delve into self-care!

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We will cover:

  • What is self-care? (It’s not just bubble baths and glasses of wine – although these things are nice!!)
  • We will break down the various types of self-care – prepare to go deep!
  • Learn what is holding you back from truly practicing self-care.
  • Can self-care help with healing?
  • We will cover healthy and positive daily habits.
  • Become empowered to commit to yourself and your healing journey!

Click here to join now!