Melissa Marie Watson, M.Ed, is owner and founder of Envisioned Life Institute LLC where she provides Reiki and guided healing coaching sessions. She also offers courses and creativity healing workshops. She aims to help people heal from trauma and find their purpose so they can lead life with confidence and passion. Her motto is, “For a slightly better tomorrow,” because healing isn’t linear but small progress each day adds up to a seemingly magical transformation over months and years – (and YOU make the magic happen).

What’s the Story?

Services Offered

Envisioned Life Institute offers trauma-healing and life purpose embodiment coaching, Reiki healing sessions, courses, and workshops. Follow us on Facebook to learn more.


What’s New

Join us for a creative healing workshop. Be prepared to release emotions through writing exercises, dance, Reiki, meditation, and sound healing. Come ready for fun and creativity with the intent to heal! Click HERE to purchase tickets – spots are limited so sign up today!

Come out to this awesome FREE event in Peoria on Saturday, October 7th, 2023. I’ll be a vendor selling cool things, including mini-Reiki sessions. Sign up to win a free or discounted Reiki session. I’ll also be leading a Restorative Healing Yoga and Guided Reiki Meditation workshop at sunset.

Come on out to this FREE event, the Peoria Drum Circle on Friday, October 13th, 2023! I’ll be a vendor so come out and meet me. Get a mini-Reiki session and sign up for my Reiki raffle. I hope to see you all there!

I’ll be attending this awesome women entrepreneur event with Founding Females on October 1st where I’ll also be a vendor.


☯️😊 If you’ve ever wanted to try Chinese Medicine acupuncture, now’s the time. Husband & wife licensed acupuncturists Genevieve & Glenn from Laughing Tao Acupuncture will be at Soulside Healing Arts at 1311 SW Adams Street in Peoria on Sunday, 9/17 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm doing 15 to 20 min treatments. Melissa Marie Watson of Envisioned Life Institute will be offering free Reiki and sound healing during acupuncture treatments for anyone who would like them.

☯️😊 No registration required, just walk in! Friends & family welcome. Treatments will be done in a public setting. Last appointment at 3:15 pm. You will be asked to sign an informed consent form before treatments. We will have bolsters and yoga mats available, but you may bring your own.

Rainbow Reiki – Elite Reiki Group

I have created a new private Reiki group called Rainbow Reiki. In this group you will get, at minimum a full-length, virtual, group Reiki healing session per month. If you can make it live, awesome, if not there will be a replay posted of the video that you can join in and experience anytime.

Join today: Rainbow Reiki!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 distance group Reiki session (45-60 mins).
  • A free mini-Reiki individual session for signing up.
  • Access to special discounts and offers on individual Reiki sessions.
  • Access to special discounts on my 1:1 and group coaching packages.
  • I will occasionally pop into the Reiki group for an extra mini-Reiki session.
  • Sometimes I will do lessons on healing.
  • I will add value to the group such as guided meditations and exercises to promote healing.
  • If you miss the live healings, they will be available to watch and join in on replay.
  • Guest speakers on healing.

Click here to sign up: Rainbow Reiki

Creative Healing Workshops

Announcing: Awaken Your Creative Spirit Workshop

Join Melissa Marie Watson, trauma-healing and life purpose embodiment coach and Reiki Master for a creative healing workshop at Soulside Healing Arts (or virtually) for a chance to express yourself, reconnect with your creative side, and reignite your inner spark. Leave feeling inspired, joyful, and relaxed. We will dance, write, discuss, meditate, receive Reiki and enjoy music! This is a chance to release some stuck emotions, let go of the past, and feel joy in the present moment. $50 – join now as spots are limited! Anyone is welcome – even if you are new to dance, writing, Reiki or any of the above activities! Come try a new thing and see the benefits.

If you are looking for a new experience to express your creativity, come together with others and have some fun this workshop is for you! You will have the opportunity to experience multiple types of creative exercises in this two-hour workshop:

  • ❤️‍🔥Dance exercises 
  • ❤️‍🔥Writing exercises
  • ❤️‍🔥Mini-lesson and discussion
  • ❤️‍🔥Music
  • ❤️‍🔥Guided Meditation
  • ❤️‍🔥Reiki
  • ❤️‍🔥Sound Healing 

Awaken your creative spirit and leave with a fire burning in your heart! Come with an open mind and the intent to heal – in a safe and fun environment! Only $50 to join! If you are not in the area and would like to join virtually you are more than welcome to do so.

Click here to purchase: Creative Healing Workshop

Recent Workshop

I recently hosted this virtual creative healing workshop with coach Jemma Rosenthal. We do want to do it again in the future. We would like to make a recording available in the near future to purchase the workshop as a class to do on your own time.

I’ll also be hosting my own in-person/virtual creative healing workshops coming up this fall, so stay tuned! The workshops will include discussion, healing dance exercises, writing exercises, Reiki energy healing, sound healing, and guided meditation.

We Are All Children

I was just thinking about how we are all children. In the sense that we are never actually fully grown. We are imperfect and learning as we go, and none of us really knows what we are doing. That means we need to be as patient with ourselves as we would with a child.And we need to have the same grace with each other.We need to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes.We also need to forgive others. When we are learning something new, we need to allow ourselves time to learn. Even more importantly, when we are navigating our day-to-day lives, we need to remember to be childlike. This means to see each day as a new day, to see it with excitement and joy. To try new things, just for the sake of doing it, just for the sake of enjoyment.We need to be silly, we need to be goofy, we need to play. We need to use our imaginations, to explore, play, to create. To let our creativity flow as we express ourselves. The more we practice using our imaginations, the easier it will be to imagine all the amazing possibilities in any situation. When we learn to see the possibilities, we realize anything is possible. Then, we can create life as we wish it to be, create a magical life again, just as we saw it as children. Have you allowed your inner child to come out and play recently? I hope you do today!

Blog Feature

My article was featured on The Infinite Power of You blog – Click HERE to read!

Reframing my Perspective on Trauma Through Healing

Today I realized something magical. Something beautiful.

I am grateful for my trauma. Sounds a little strange right?

Let me explain.

I am grateful for my trauma AND my healing.

The first part of that sentence isn’t something I’m just saying to put a positive spin on things or because it sounds good.

And I’m definitely not implying that you or anyone else should feel the same way. Not at all. I am embodying that sense of gratitude around my trauma after many years of wanting to change it, of hating it, of wanting to separate myself from it. Without my trauma, I’d be unable to fully understand the pain and suffering others have gone through.

It would be more difficult for me to help others heal. And that is my mission!

I may even be on a different mission entirely had it not been for my own pain and suffering. Also, while I used to plead, “Please Universe, Please God, take away my pain and suffering…”

And “Why?…why does it have to be this way? Why do I have to go through this?”

I realize that asking for my pain and suffering to be removed while so many others are suffering doesn’t quite make sense. Instead, “Thank you for allowing me to heal! Help me continue to overcome this!”

I could ask, “Please remove all pain and suffering from this world.” However, that is not our reality in the world today.

So, asking to not have to endure any pain and suffering would be asking to not be a part of this Earth, a part of everyone else here. I’d be asking to be separate, different, above everyone else. Instead, I ask to continue to heal.

And while I may not have all of the answers. I may not fully understand why…I can turn some of it into a positive thing by helping others heal. I am grateful for what I have endured because it gave me so many deep gifts to help others. This realization brings me peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Millenials: This is Who We Are
-A Love of Leggings and Social Justice

In this article, I share my point of view on what it means to be a millennial while reviewing my last purchase through a clickable social media ad. As millennials, we aim to create a difference in the world and we just happen to love leggings! Click here to read more.

Become Your Dream!

I am on a journey of self-growth, a journey to self-empowerment. I am here in this world to discover my truest self within this universe. I am here on this earth to touch the lives of others. I’m on a mission to better my life and I invite you all to join me!

Shift your mindset, change your life, become your dreams.

Devour Your Truth

If you get a glimpse of your Truth,
Chase it down.
Hunt it.
Capture it.
Tear away each and every layer ferociously,
Until you reach the depths of its very core.
Then, devour every piece of its flesh.
Its flesh is your flesh.
Its breath is your breath.

When you see it you will think it very different from you.
Don’t be dispirited.
Its apparent ugliness is a mask.
Hidden under it is your deepest beauty.
Swallow it down.
Don’t choke on it.
Don’t gag it back up.
Have no fear in the consumption of your Truth.
It will make you whole

The Law of Attraction

I talk about watching and reading The Secret and how following The Law of Attraction is changing my mindset and outlook on life. You can watch The Secret on Netflix!

Get Off Your Ass

I discuss an episode of the Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial. Just do it. Get off your ass and take the first step today!

What is Love?